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Ramadhan in Indonesia

27 July 2012

1. The overall pace of life overall slows down. Things take longer to get accomplished both at home and at the office.
2. Your live-in household staff will arise very early in the morning to prepare their pre-dawn meal and many try to complete their heavy chores early in the morning just after they've eaten .
3. Your household staff may need a nap mid-morning or in the afternoon to keep pace with their altered sleeping and eating schedules.
4. Muslims may begin to pray 5 times during this time, necessitating their absence from work for about 10-15 minutes.
5. It would be best to schedule difficult tasks before or after Ramadhan to achieve your workers best efforts.
6. Your cook will not be able to taste the foods she is cooking for you.
7. Your driver will appreciate it if you can let him break the fast in the car with a drink of water and a sweet snack, if he is driving you home at sunset.

8. Food vendors and some restaurants close during the day and some restaurants stop serving alcohol. The government closes night entertainment centers.
9. You may be awoken early in the morning by the enthusiastic young people parading through the neighborhood.
10. Food prices rise dramatically as Lebaran nears.
11. Your household staff will want to take one to two weeks off to visit their family in the village and you'll be left to cope without a cook, driver, watchman and helpers.
12. A one-month bonus is commonly paid to all household staff and salaried employees in offices and factories near the end of the fasting month.
13. An increased level of patience and tolerance is required when dealing with workers who are fasting.
14. Do not speak harshly with those fasting as if they get angry or have negative feelings towards others it invalidates their fasting for that day.
15. Traffic jams from the afternoon rush hour start earlier as many office workers are allowed to leave earlier than usual to get home in time to break the fast with family and friends.
18. It's difficult to schedule travel in Indonesia near the end of Ramadhan due to the annual exodus of 7+ million city dwellers to their hometowns.
19. You may feel uncomfortable eating or drinking before your fasting staff/friends. It would be considerate to refrain from eating or drinking in front of others that are fasting.
20. Your neighborhood association may organize a charitable drive for the poor in your neighborhood. Give to this drive as a gesture of good faith and your membership in the local community.
21. You'll notice a big increase in beggars at traffic lights as the poor flock into the city from the villages at this traditional time of heightened charity giving.
22. You will notice a growing excitement amongst your Muslim friends, colleagues and staff as Lebaran approaches and they make plans for their special celebration.
23. Noise from the local mosques will increase in volume and frequency. Just quietly endure

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