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Bali is high on the rank of cheapest travel destinations

11 November 2012

Bali is famous for its natural charm and beauty and a resort island that is friendly to the pockets of the tourists.

A survey just published by the UK-based company Hayes and Jarvis rated Bali as the third cheapest of 32 popular long haul destinations.Sri Lanka was rated as the cheapest followed by Vietnam and then Bali. The city of Seoul in South Korea ranked as the most expensive.

The survey compared the price of restaurant meals, drinks and other items needed on holiday including basic items including beer, a can of soda, a cup of coffee, alcoholic drinks, insect repellent and daily meals.

Bali averaged at a cost of Rp. 805,000 for a day while Sri Lanka was calculated at Rp. 660,000. A day including basic needs in Seoul is calculated to cost Rp. 2,515,000.

The five destinations categorised as most tourist friendly and affordable are:
Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bali, Mexico and Gambia.

The five most expensive destinations are:
.Australia, New Zealand, China, Canada and South Korea 

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