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Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel Celebrate Youth Pledge

28 October 2012

There was unique view at Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel on Sunday (28/10). The guests who were having breakfast in Srikaton restaurant were offered a unique view of the staffs wearing traditional costumes from all over Indonesia, such as traditional costume from Bali, Sulawesi, Irian, Java, Padang, and many more. Not only the staffs in the restaurant, but also the reception staffs, including the health club and also spa staffs were wearing traditional costumes in order to enliven the Youth Pledge celebrations.

This unique view certainly attracted the guests’ attention. Some of them took pictures with the hotel employees wearing traditional costumes. Beside that, the staffs of Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel also held special event on that special day by planting 100 trees in Langensuko Park. This activity was initiated by the Green Team of Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel as their consistency to create eco-friendly environment.

A hundred of herbs, such as brotowali, cincau, turmeric, and other traditional medicinal plants were planted around Langensuko area. The purpose is to encourage all employees of Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel to love local products, especially herbs. Then, the event was also aimed to introduce the variety of Indonesian traditional-medicinal plants to the guests who have never seen it.

After the herbal tree planting event, the employees of Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel were invited to express their love to Indonesia by giving statement and signing on the board "Nyatakan Cintamu Pada Bumi Pertiwi". Not just the staffs, the guest were also invited to participate in this activity.

Finally, the celebration of Youth Pledge was closed by a city tour cycling. This activity was a campaign to urge people to care to our environment, by minimizing the use of motor cycle.

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